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Midtown Madness 3 Cheat Codes for Xbox
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Midtown Madness 3 Cheat Codes for Xbox

  All cars
  At the car selection screen, click and hold the Left Analog-stick and press L, R, L(3), R(3), L(2), R(2) to unlock all cars.

  '59 Cadillac Eldorado Seville
  Successfully complete the Pizza Delivery job in Washington D.C.

  '67 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback
  Successfully complete the Stunt Driver job in Washington D.C.

  Successfully complete the Paramedic job in Paris.

  Armored Car
  Successfully complete the Security Guard job in Paris.

  This car is located is Paris, alongside the Seine river and next to the De La Concorde. The ????? paint can is in the air above the Quai Des Tuileries street along La Seine in Paris. In order to get this vehicle, choose the Koenigsegg CC (the fastest car in the game). Drive through the arches of the Musee Du Louvre and turn right onto Quai Des Tuileries. On the sidewalk, on the left hand side (about one block up) is a ramp. Hit that ramp at full speed to get the paint can. Its stats are:

Top Speed: 7
Accereration: 6
Mass: 5
Handling: 5

  Audi S4 Avant
  Win the first six Blitz races in Paris.

  Audi TT
  Successfully complete the Special Agent job in Paris.

  Cadillac Escalade
  Successfully complete the Limo Driver job in Washington D.C.

  Cement Truck
  Win the first six Checkpoint races in Washington D.C.

  Chevrolet Corvette Z06
  Win the checkpoint race 10 in Washington D.C.

  Chevrolet SSR
  Win the first three Blitz races in Washington D.C.

  Chrysler Crossfire
  Win the Blitz race 10 in Washington D.C.

  Chrysler PT Turbo
  Successfully complete the Rental Car Driver job in Washington D.C.

  Dodge Viper SRT-10
  Successfully complete the Private Eye job in Washington D.C.

  Fire Truck
  Win the first six Checkpoint races in Paris.

  Successfully complete the Delivery Man job in Paris.

  Freightliner Century Class S/T
  Win the first six Blitz races in Washington.

  Hummer H2 SUV
  Successfully complete the Salesman job in Washington D.C.

  Koenigsegg CC
  Successfully complete all jobs and win all races.

  Successfully complete the Chauffeur job in Paris.

  Lotus Esprit V8
  Win Blitz race 10 in Paris.

  Mini Cooper S
  Successfully complete the first three Blitz races in Paris.

  Paris Bus
  Win the first three Checkpoint races in Paris.

  Paris Police
  Successfully complete the Police Officer job in Paris.

  Saab 9-3 Turbo
  Win the Checkpoint race 10 in Paris.

  Serpent MK2
  This secret car is located in northwest of Washington D.C., near the Mini Cooper's Paint Job at the end of the bridge. You need to use the Koenigsegg CC (fastest car) to drive at fast as possible under the bridge. Note: Start from back in the tunnel. You will fly at the end of the bridge. If you fly high enough, you will touch a labeled "???" paint can high in the air. You will now unlock the Serpent MK2, which is slower but much easier to drive. Its stats are:

Top Speed: 8
Acceleration: 7
Mass: 4
Handling: 6
Durability: 4

From Washington Square, drive west on Whitehurst Freeway in a Koenigsegg CC. Take the ramp down, and floor it. After the road turns right, take the ramp up. You will catch air on the hill immediately after the ramp. This may require a few attempts. If you want to see where the paint can is located without all the trouble, drive the same route at a slower speed with the Right Analog-stick Up.

  Successfully complete the Taxi Driver job in Paris.

  Washington Bus
  Win the first three Checkpoint races in Washington D.C.

  Washington Police
  Successfully complete the Police Officer job in Washington D.C.

  Sketched graphics effect
  In Paris, find the Pyramids at Musee De' Voure. Go to its doors or windows and hold Right Analog-stick Up to stare at them until the game slows and screen changes. In Washington D.C., find the large gate that leads into China Town. Look for a yellow graffiti tag on the wooden wall of the construction site that is nearby. Hold the Right Analog-stick Up to stare at it until the game slows and screen changes.

  Black and white film effect
  In Paris, find the Moulin Rouge. Hold Right Analog-stick Up to stare at it until the screen changes into black and white. In Washington D.C. in single player cruise mode, go to the Lincoln Memorial west of the Reflecting Pool. Drive all the way up to the where Lincoln is seated, as close as possible. Hold the Right Analog-stick Up to stare at Lincoln's head until the screen changes into black and white graphics. The game will be faster after doing this. To return to normal do the trick again when still in cruise mode. If you exit out of cruise mode, you must do this trick two times to reverse the effects. Note: This will change the graphics to black and white with a old film type scratch effect and increase the game's frame rate. If you exit the current game, both effects will still be present in the game menus. When game play is resumed, the black and white effect will be gone, but the increased frame rate will still be in effect, allowing your vehicle to travel much faster than normally possible.

  Faster stunt driver mission completion in Washington D.C.
  On the first stunt driver mission, you do not have to jump all the ramps to go through the checkpoints. You are not timed, so you can simply drive through them and turn. If you do this, you do not have to wreck your car when you jump the huge ramps. Near the end of the mission you will have to race Angelina to the finish. You will race faster with a car that is in good shape, therefore making the level easier to complete.

  Easy checkpoint races
  When you are selecting a car, get the Cadillac Escalade. When u start the race, there may be more Escalades. If so, keep restarting the game thorough the "Restart Race" option at the pause screen until there are four ambulances. The ambulances are easy to defeat.

  Easy blitz races
  Before you start racing in blitz, go into cruise mode. Go to Washington D.C. and enable the "Black and white film effect" trick. When you exit, this effect will still be active, but in color. Go to the blitz races and you will still drive very fast and the time stays the same. You should use a strong car, as damage also accumulates quickly.

  Easy hunter game
  On Xbox Live!, go into the subway during a game of hunter. Most of the police will not know how to find you as you can cruise through the subway in any level. The subway on the map is always marked with an "M" for metro.

  Pedestrians carrying Xboxes
  Drive slowly around town to notice that some of the people are carrying boxes. There is a specific man in black clothes who walks around in Paris and Washington D.C. with an Xbox.

  Floating paint
  When you collect a paint job for a vehicle, look where the paint can was located. Little paint blobs should still be floating around, as if the can was still there.

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