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MLB SlugFest 20-04 Cheat Codes for Xbox
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MLB SlugFest 20-04 Cheat Codes for Xbox

  Season FMV sequence
  Successfully complete a full season to unlock the Season FMV sequence at the "Extras" menu.

  Challenge FMV sequence
  Successfully complete challenge mode to unlock the Challenge FMV sequence at the "Extras" menu.

  Easy ability points
  To get easy ability points for a player in career mode, at the first game, go to "Option" and switch from the CPU to controller two. Only pitch fast balls right down the center and watch the points mount up. You can only get three points per game.

  Cheat Codes
  At the match-up screen, press X, Y, and B to change the icons in the first, second, and third boxes respectively. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. For example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press X, Y(2), B(3), Left. Note: More then one code may be activated per game.

Result Code
Infinite turbo 4-4-4 Down
Maximum speed 0-0-3 Left
Maximum power 0-3-0 Left
Maximum batting 3-0-0 Left
Extra time to enter codes 3-0-3 Up
Extra time after plays 1-2-3 Up
No fatigue 3-4-3 Up
No contact 4-3-3 Left
Big heads 2-0-0 Right
Small heads 2-0-0 Left
Little League mode 1-0-1-Down
Tournament mode 1-1-1 Down
Rubber ball 2-4-2 Up
Softball 2-4-2 Down
Blade bat 0-0-3 Up
Bone bat 0-0-1 Up
Caveman bat 0-0-1 Right
Ice bat 0-0-2 Up
Log bat 0-0-4 Up
Mace bat 0-0-4 Left
Spike bat 0-0-5 Up
Wiffle bat 0-0-4 Right
Alien team 2-3-1 Down
Bobble Head team 1-3-3 Down
Casey team 2-3-3 Down
Dolphin team 1-0-2 Down
Dwarf team 1-0-3 Down
Eagle team 2-1-2 Right
Evil Clown team 2-1-1 Down
Gladiator team 1-1-3 Down
Horse team 2-1-1 Right
Lion team 2-2-0 Right
Minotaur team 1-1-0 Down
Napalitano team 2-3-2 Down
Oshlan team 2-2-2 Down
Pinto team 2-1-0 Right
Rivera team 2-2-2 Up
Rodeo Clown team 1-3-2 Down
Scorpion team 1-1-2 Down
Sub-Zero team 1-2-2 Down
Todd McFarlane team 2-2-2 Right
Atlantis stadium 3-2-1 Left
Coliseum stadium 3-3-3 Up
Empire stadium 3-2-1 Right
Forbidden stadium 3-3-3 Left
Midway Park stadium 3-2-1 Down
Monument stadium 3-3-3 Down
Rocket Park 3-2-1 Up
Terry Fitzgerald team 3-3-3 Right

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