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Halo 2 Xbox Cheat Codes

  Foundation multi-player map
Successfully complete single player mode on any difficulty setting to unlock the Foundation multi-player map. Note: There is a glitch that prevents some people from unlocking the map as it was originally intended. The way it has been done successfully is as follows: Successfully complete single player mode on any difficulty setting. Create a new profile. Begin a co-op game on the last level with the newly-created profile with the second player. When you reach a section where you fly a Banshee, the new profile must perform a barrel roll and a loop-the-loop. Finish the campaign and the new profile can access the Foundation map when hosting split-screen, System Link, or Xbox Live games.

Infinite ammunition or power
This trick requires levels that have either Covenant or Marines following you. If you have a powerful weapon that has very limited power (for example, the energy sword, or Covenant sniper), or weapons that are very powerful (for example, Human sniper or rocket launcher) give them to the A.I. following you. As they use them, the weapons will never run out of power or ammunition. Also, they can use them very well.

Have the same primary and secondary weapon while not dual wielding
This trick can only be applied to weapons that can be dual wielded. For this trick to work, you need four dual wielding weapons in one place. Two or three weapons of the total four weapons must be the same, but remember a minimum of two of same weapon is necessary in order to have same weapon for both primary and secondary slot. For example, have two needlers, an SMG and a plasma rifle. To get two needlers, carry one needler as your primary weapon then select anything else but the needler (such as the SMG gun) as your secondary weapon. Note: You cannot select the same weapon as your secondary any way. Dual wield plasma rifle with the SMG then go to the needler that is on the ground, hold X, and substitute the second needler with the SMG gun. Then, throw the plasma rifle away by pressing B. You are left with the Needler as both your primary and secondary weapon.

Using a destroyed machine gun
You can use a destroyed machine gun; for example, in Zanzibar after you fire a rocket to one of the turrets on the left and right on the main base. Just go back to them and the screen will prompt you to hold X to operate. This can be useful during heated sessions.

Banshee tricks
When in a Banshee, press A and a direction on the Left Analog-stick. When in a Banshee, hold A and press Left Analog-stick Down. The Banshee will do a backflip. Additionally, to do tricks in a Banshee, press Left or Right on the Left Analog-stick and hold A to do a barrel roll, or hold Down + A to do a loop.

Stealing vehicles
When playing a multi-player map with vehicles, you can steal vehicles such as the Wraith from your opponent. Approach the vehicle while holding X. Note: This removes your opponent from the vehicle only; you must press X a second time to board the vehicle.

Snipe from vehicle
Piggyback on a Banshee. Before one member of your team gets into the Banshee, jump on top of the Banshee's pilot cover. When you get in, you can just stand on top of it. Only make turns with the Right Analog-stick. They are slower and do not tilt the Banshee. More than one player can stay on top of the Banshee. This provides extra fun if you want to do aerial tricks with friends by jumping from Banshee to Banshee.

Piggyback ride on vehicle
With almost any vehicle, you can get a piggyback if you are not skilled at driving or need a fast ride when someone on your team is already on a Ghost. This also works with the Scorpion, Banshee, and the Warthog when you have someone in the gunner seat, when you are all far enough away from the enemy.

Rewards for straight killings
The following is a list of rewards you get from killing people without dying once. Note: After 25 it starts over again with "Killing Spree".

Melee, shotgun, melee combo
While equipped with shotgun, get in close range and press Melee, X (reload), Shoot, Melee. Note: You must press X immediately after the first melee is finished.

Plasma rifle, melee, shoot rage combo
While holding the shoot trigger, press Melee, and immediately after the hit, press X (which instantly continues you back into shooting). Note: This can be done as long as you do not overcharge the plasma rifle.

Double whack energy sword combo
When using an energy sword, press Melee, X, Shoot. This combination can happen very fast.

Faster reload
When reloading a gun, press melee immediately after the ammo is reinserted into the gun, press X. This enables you to shoot and/or zoom instantly. This works for any gun that uses ammunition.

Accurate SMG Dwing
When DWing SMGs, press one shoot trigger at a time simultaneously. This disables the reticle/aimer from going upwards. Note: This also works on other DWings.

Lock on with rockets
To lock on with rockets, target a person, vehicle, etc., then hold R until it says that it is locked. The red reticle will follow the item. Release R to fire. Additionally, while using a rocket launcher, you can lock-on to the following items: turrets, vehicles, and the Phantom's plasma cannons (Covenant Dropship's turrets). To lock-on to those objects, aim your cross-hairs at the object. By doing this, your rocket launcher's cross-hairs should have four red squares on the corners. Then, hold Fire so that the rocket launcher will fully lock-on to the object. While this happens, the lock-on system of the rocket launcher should make a few repetitive beeping sounds. After the beeping sounds have ended, the cross-hairs should be completely red and ready to fire. Release Fire and your spiraling heat-seeking rocket launcher missile will go to the target.

Switch grenade types
If you have picked up a frag grenade and a plasma grenade, press Black to change from one to another.

Flying sword
Have the sword when an enemy is very close. You can jump and do it, or run and jump to them, then press B. This is a one hit kill for Flood, and a two hit kill for some Covenant and the shield Flood.

Extra ammunition with dual wield weapons
Have two dual-wieldable weapons (for example, a Needler and an SMG), but do not have them out at the same time. The Needler would be the weapon that you want extra ammunition for. Have the SMG out and find another Needler to dual wield with it. Then, find yet another Needler and trade that with your SMG. You will now have three Needlers, and have three times the ammunition.

Dual wielding recommendations
When dual wielding, it is best to think about things before you just grab a needler and a plasma pistol, and have a pistol as your third weapon. You should make it so you have a good backup weapon; when dual wielding, ammunition can go quite quickly. Have two plasma rifles (or your choice) and have something like a particle beam rifle, shotgun, Covenant carbine, or perhaps a rocket launcher so that you have something to fall back on. Some suggestions are as follows:

Defeating Brutes
Get a Plasma Sword from a dead Covenant Elite and get close enough to the Brute for the half-circle surrounding the crosshairs to turn red before attacking. You will lunge forward and get rid of half the enemy's life. Jump into the air immediately afterwards, and do this a second time to kill him instantly. Both attacks combined cost only ten ammo points, so this process can be done ten times in succession, making it an effective way to crowd-clear Brute patrols near the end of the game. Make sure to jump in-between each strike so that the Brutes you are fighting cannot continue to ram you and drain your life. Additionally, on the last level when you are fighting the head Brute, wait for his shields to go off (when the blue gas-like thing around him shuts off). Then, shoot him in the head as many times as you can until it turns back on. Repeat this process until he is dead. Do not use an energy sword. It will not work, and he can kill you with one hit of his hammer.

Defeating Elites
When battling with Elites, do not hit them once with your weapon. Always hit them multiple times. If you hit them once, they will have a faster time and kill you with one hit or take down your shield. Additionally, an easier way to kill Elites quickly is to double-wield the SMGs and aim for the head. Be careful, as the SMGs tend to send the reticle upward. Also, try meleeing him before using the double strategy.

Defeating Floods
Get a Plasma Sword from a dead Covenant Elite and get close enough to the Flood for the half-circle surrounding the crosshairs to turn red before attacking. You will lunge forward and kill the enemy instantly, sometimes killing two or even three if they are in close-enough proximity to the target. This attack only uses between two to five ammo points, so it can be repeated at least twenty times. Note: Do not use this trick on either the small spider-like Flood or the large bulbous Flood, as the explosion that follows will damage your shields. Additionally, to kill the Flood easily, use the sword. It cuts right through the Flood in one shot, unlike any type of plasma gun.

Defeating Grunts
With big groups of enemies, kill off the Grunts first, as they are easier to kill and become less of an annoyance.

Defeating Hunters
Get a beam rifle (the Covenant sniper rifle) and fire it in the middle of their bodies where it is pink. This is more effective then pumping shell after shell into them. Because they have the new gun, getting close to them no longer works. There is another way to defeat them, but it is more costly. First, take your plasma grenades and throw about two or three of them on their pink skinny area. Then, get a shotgun (or the strongest gun you have) and pump the pink spot full of rounds until it is dead. Since they usually appear in pairs, this can waste a lot of ammunition and grenades.

Defeating Prophets
To kill Prophets, you must dodge there laser attacks and get up close until the message to hold X to board appears. Do so. Once onboard, tap B to attack them. Three hits should kill them. If not, repeat until it falls.

Defeating Regret
To easily defeat the prophet Regret, jump on his vehicle then hold X to board it. You can then press B to melee him to death.

Defeating Royal Guards
To easily take down Royal Guards (red Elites with strange helms), attack them with the energy sword. Do not be afraid -- keep slashing. They will fall after about three hits. Note: If it has a energy sword, you must get the first hit or it can kill you with one shot. Do not let their armor fool you -- they are still Elites. Knock down the shields with a plasma weapon, then shoot them in the head with the pistol.

Defeating the Scarab
Instead of following the Marines, go staight across the bridge. You will find a sniper. Take it, then jump on the Scarab and shoot all the Elites and pilots.

Defeating Tatarus
When playing in co-operative mode under the legendary difficulty setting, get a grenade launcher that is left over from the Brute on the bridge. When Tatarus jumps onto the spinning disks, jump onto the platform with your partner, then jump on the three disks for safety. Let your partner have a carbine rifle on the top level and have him snipe reinforcements when they arrive. Run around the middle circle, waiting for Tatarus to lose his shield from Sarge sniping him. Hit him with your grenade launcher. Hit him three times, then run away and wait. His reinforcements may appear. If they do, camouflage and run to the top level. Allow your partner to kill the Elites. Camouflage if Tatarus or Elites come to the top level. Note: Use your Brute plasmas if you run out of ammunition. There are some on the middle level, and perhaps the bottom level. Make sure your partner conserves his carbine rifle ammunition. Never fight a Brute Elite, as they will kill you in a few hits. Also, never hit Tatarus with a melee attack. Never use grenades as Tatarus will just jump. The most important thing is to not allow your partner to die. When doing this in single player mode, use the same tactics except when Elites arrive, camouflage yourself then go to top level and snipe with the carbine rifle.

Defeating hijackers
Use the following trick in multi-player mode with someone that is trying to steal your vehicle. When you definitely know that they are trying to board your vehicle, press X to hop out as they board. This will give you about three or four seconds to blast them before they can get a bead on you. This requires some skill, but works very well. It is possible to take out a Banshee, Ghost, and Warthog with one SMG by doing this.

Defeating opponent that has an energy sword
Your best chance of killing your opponent before he slashes you is to dual wield SMGs. When you see the enemy from a short distance, just let loose. The bullets will most likely stop the enemy from advancing and will kill him.

Grunts Birthday Party mode in Arbiter
Play the mission on the legendary difficulty setting. Proceed until you reach the first Banshee section. Immediately fly straight down to the bottom of the level. Search the cracks where the large cylinders connect to the station to find a circle of Grunts dancing around a skull. Get the skull and the words "Grunt Birthday Party" will appear. All shooting weapons will explode the target on impact.

Sniping location in Blood Gulch
At the Red base, get a Banshee. Get on top and face toward the Blue base. Turn right and go over. Follow the wall up and close to the top. You can get out there and snipe from this location.

Envy mode in Delta Halo
Play the mission on the legendary difficulty setting. Continue until reaching the area during the "push through the covenant held ruins" phase where a landing zone for the Pelican to drop weapons must be cleared. When you reach the area where Cortana says "They're pouring out of the center building", note the plasma turrets along the borders. A short distance after the turret on the left side is the outline of a sealed door in a wall. There is a rock in front of the door. Jump on the rock, then jump onto the ledge above the door. Next, jump to the ledge to the left. Then, grenade jump onto the building with the sealed door. On the roof of the building are two dancing Elites and a skull. Get the skull and the word "Envy" will be displayed. You can now use active camouflage.

Easy kills in Foundation
There is normally a Ghost and Warthog on the lower level. To get one of them to the upper levels, drive it into one of the air units that makes you fly up. It is strong enough to bring up a Warthog or Ghost. You can now drive around the circle and run over anyone standing there.

Get on top of level in New Mombasa
When fighting the Scarab, the giant supertank, after it destroys the Scorpion it will start moving towards you. Look to your right. There should be a thin ramp-like spot. Run up this area before the Scarab reaches you and stand in the big flat area, watching it get closer. When it reaches you and starts going over another wall, jump and you will follow it. Normally the wall is too high, but when under the Scarab you can jump about twice as high.

Blind mode in Outskirts
When you begin the mission, your vision will get blurry. When it returns to normal, you will see a blinking door. Enter it, then stop. Look up to see a fluorescent light over the door you just used, and another one on the opposite wall. Jump and duck at the same time to get on one of thos lights. Do the same thing again to get onto the ledge next to the lights. Look to the left on the ledge and you should find a dark passage. Follow it to find some grenades, a skull, and a camera at the end. Take the skull and your HUD will disappear and the word "Blind" will be displayed. You will not be able to see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or HUD. You can use the skull as a melee weapon, which does good damage to opponents. However, using a grenade, firing a weapon, trying to drive, or using a turret will drop the skull. Additionally, you can be a passenger in a Warthog and still keep it. To return to normal vision, save and quit the game, select the Cairo Station mission in campaign mode, save and quit the game, then return to the Outskirts level.

Assassins mode in Regret
Play the mission on the legendary difficulty setting. Enter the structure after getting off the gondola. Jump on the large stone block to reach a ledge leading out to the Covenant turrets. Turn around and face towards the structure. Then, jump up to another level around the right side of the structure. Continue to find a skull on a ledge as you make it around. Take the skull and the word "Assassins" will be displayed. All enemies in the game are permanently cloaked.

Sword in Zanzibar
To get the sword in the middle (if it is on) go to the Ferris wheel-type object in the middle. Line up with one of the blades. Let it push you up the circle until it is parallel with the floor. Then, run forward to the center of the circle. Jump down so that you can see through the center of the "Ferris wheel". Wait until a gap appears in the floor, then jump down and forward to the sword. Additionally, you can get the energy sword faster by shooting a rocket or grenade at the front or back of the bridge that is standing up. It will fall down and lead you directly to the sword.

Easy kills in Zanzibar
On defense, go up the slope with the needler next to it. Keep going to the right, then right, and right up the stairway until you see a rocket launcher. Get it, then go inside the spinning wheel and wait for their Ghost or Warthog.. This is a very easy way to get kills, and triple kills from the Warthogs. Be on alert for snipers. Zoom in with your rocket on the left side if you suspect one.

Get on top of building in Zanzibar
Go to the back left of the map. You will see two awnings over two jut outs of the building. Go on the first jut out and jump on top of the second awning. After you are on the awning, throw a sticky grenade at your feet (make sure it is not on you), and jump just as it explodes. If done correctly, you will get on top of it so you can run around the top of the building.

Walk into middle of "Ferris wheel" in Zanzibar
There is a platform by the "Ferris wheel" that has an object that resembles a switch. Melee it or shoot it, and it will blow up after a few hits. The platform will fall, and you can now walk into the middle of the "Ferris wheel".

Hidden message in Zanzibar
In multi-player mode, locate the gate in the level. When you find it, face it, then look to your right. There should be a rock. Go around the rock and follow the walls of the building. When you reach an opening on the left, go through it. You will now be in a tiny room with a pillar in the middle. Behind the pillar is another door. Go through it. When you enter the room, there is a ramp in front of you. Go up it and take a right. Keep following the path until you can take a right. After taking the right, follow the path until you can take another right. When you get in the room, there should be a keypad and a screen. Press X and the gate will be opened. On the blue screen, it reads: "A total FU exception has occurred at you location. All system functionality will be terminated. Press any key to power cycle the system. If system does not restart, scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad. If you need to talk to a programmer press any other key. Press any key to continue_".

Hidden message
Win in multi-player mode without anyone getting kills except yourself. At the post-game carnage screen, someone will say "You are frickin' incredible".

Jump faster
Keep pressing Jump to jump faster.

Active camouflage
When in campaign mode playing as the Elite, press White to turn on the active the camouflage. Use your active camouflage wisely -- it does not last long. Find the enemy and an energy sword. Use the camo before the enemy notices as you are approaching them. It will them be easy kill. Wait for the crosshairs to turn red, then lunge and slash.

At ease position
While in a multi-player game, press D-pad Down. To other players, you will have your weapon lowered or down to your side. This may help if you are on your own turf and run into one of your friends right around the corner.

Change splitscreen orientation
To change the screen orientation in a cooperative game from horizontal to vertical, enter the Xbox console settings and change the video to widescreen. On a regular display, this will change the splitscreen from horizontal to vertical.

2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2
Make a new Slayer game, and set the active players to two. Leave most selections at default, except turn off active camo and overshield. Set the starting weapons to the battle rifle and the shotgun. Turn off all vehicles except for two Warthogs, and turn off gun emplacements. Turn on teamplay, and turn off team switching. Set the betrayal penalty to 5 seconds. Play at Coagulation. This should allow you to have eight teams of two people each, making for some really fun teamwork games. If it does not, play with the active players setting until it works.

Go to the Colossus arena and have player two stand next to the middle conveyer belt, and player one stand on the platform that shoots you upward and remain still. This will work with energy swords or any other heavy weapon. Have player two hit a barrel on to the conveyer belt and watch it fly up. Have player one lines himself up with the barrel and hit it with a melee attack.

See cause of Pelican crash
On the last level when you play as Master Chief, and the Flood crash the Pelican, go up to the Pelican and enter through the back. Then, go through the door. You will now be in the pilot's seat of the Pelican and see the Flood who crashed it.

Howard Dean scream
At some point in the game when you are playing as Master Chief, one of you allies will do the Howard Dean scream while they are attacking.

Blood Gulch reference
Go to multi-player mode and scroll to the Coagulation map. Read the description. It will describe "a bloody gulch".

Fall through floor
On the second level near where the Elites come out of the coffins, there is this support object coming out of the ground. When a Grunt is shooting you, jump on the floor support and you will fall through.

Shoot into space
Shoot the machine gun turret on level one in a phantom tube. Instead of ricocheting, they usually go into space.

Hijack a Bansee
Wait until a Banshee drops quite low (but you still cannot reach it). Jump before doing it. If it does not say "Hold X to board enemy Banshee", press X regardless. You might not see Master Chief leap up and hit the Elite (or other alien) out of the Banshee. Do not go too low, and drive slowly because the Elite might kick Master Chief out.

Hijack a Wraith
Go near a Wraith and press X. Then, press B a few times. Instead of throwing a grenade, just hop in. If this does not work, throw a grenade in the Wraith.

Melee combo
When caring an item (bomb, flag, etc.) quickly press Melee, X, Melee to perform a combo melee attack. Continue pressing Melee, X, Melee, X, etc. to make the combo continue indefinitely.

Infinite energy sword ammunition
When the energy runs out, do not trade it for another weapon. When you get to the next level, try to use the sword. The ammo will be at zero but you will do full sword damage instead of melee damage and can do sword moves.

Easy kills with swords
The plasma sword is one of the most deadly weapons in the game. However, there is a way to make it deadlier. If you are walking up to someone, you will see the aiming reticule turn red. If you press the trigger or B, you will deliver a deadly lunge that can kill almost anything in one hit. To make this even deadlier, before you reach your enemy jump and keep aiming at him. When the reticule turns red, you will still be in the air. As you are in the air, press the trigger or B and you will lunge forward in mid-air. This is more deadly because you are above himm and his head is the closest thing to you when you are in mid air.

Defeating Tartarus
When playing in co-operative mode under the legendary difficulty setting, get a grenade launcher that is left over from the Brute on the bridge. When Tartarus jumps onto the spinning disks, jump onto the platform with your partner, then jump on the three disks for safety. Let your partner have a carbine rifle on the top level and have him snipe reinforcements when they arrive. Run around the middle circle, waiting for Tartarus to lose his shield from Sarge sniping him. Hit him with your grenade launcher. Hit him three times, then run away and wait. His reinforcements may appear. If they do, camouflage and run to the top level. Allow your partner to kill the Elites. Camouflage if Tartarus or Elites come to the top level. Note: Use your Brute plasmas if you run out of ammunition. There are some on the middle level, and perhaps the bottom level. Make sure your partner conserves his carbine rifle ammunition. Never fight a Brute Elite, as they will kill you in a few hits. Also, never hit Tatarus with a melee attack. Never use grenades as Tartarus will just jump. The most important thing is to not allow your partner to die. When doing this in single player mode, use the same tactics except when Elites arrive, camouflage yourself then go to top level and snipe with the carbine rifle.

Get on top in Burial Grounds
Use the Ghost or a miss with the energy sword to get up on the level. You can walk around the dunes, but invisible walls will stop you.

Johnson's cigar in Cairo Station
In the first level, as soon as you get off the lift do not go on the train. Instead, look to your right to find a trash can. Go over to it, crouch, and look in between the can and the wall. There should be a Johnson Cigar burning away. Additionally, go to the armory. As you are coming up the stairs, you will hear the man shooting his shotgun and talking. Kill the Elites and go through the door. Jump over the turret and look to the right. Jump on the lights sticking out of the wall, then jump over the rail. Get on one of the beams and jump off it onto one of the rails. There will be a small room with no doors. Jump onto that and bash the trash can. When you look on the floor, you will see Johnson's cigar.

Johnson floating hat in Cairo Station
After things start and you are getting some weapons, go down the stairs. You will see a hat on a box of gear. Melee attack the box from under the hat, and it will float.

Banshee snipes in Coagulation
Get a Banshee and fly directly behind the Blue base. Land up there, then get left (behind) the Red base. Then, get in the peak of the rock point by the Blue base.

Ride the walls in Coagulation
Take a Spectre, Ghost, or Wraith and use boost to get behind the Red base. Ramp over any ridges and rocks. Go up on different rocks and ride along the walls sideways. Additionally, on the right side of the Blue base, take a Ghost and boost at the wall. There is a location that lets you drive straight up the wall. This trick has no strategic advantage, because as soon as you hop out of the Ghost both you and the vehicle will fall down.

Grenade does not move in Colossus
Throw a grenade on a conveyer belt. It will stick to the ground, but not move with the conveyer belt.

Warthog in Delta Halo
In the beginning of the level when you are storming the hill, it may be tempting to pass by this part. However, stay in that area until you survive both waves of Covenant that the Phantoms drop off. A Pelican will appear afterwards and drop off a Warthog for you and your teammates.

Get on top of the level in Delta Halo
By doing this trick you will be able to drive around the mountainous rim of the entre level and to actually drive or walk under the water and all the structures. After crossing the drawbridge and taking care of a few Ghosts, continue until you reach a courtyard with a pond in the middle and a stone structure in the middle of the pond. For the next part you will need a Ghost. At the entrance, turn to your right and you will see a few trees sort of all clustered together. There is a stone wall there that you cannot jump up. However with the Ghost, you will be able to get onto the green patch and beyond. Boost if you need to and be careful going around the mountains. You can still fall to your death. If you make it all the way to the opposite end of the level, you will find yourself on a very flat piece of land.

Sniping location in The Great Journey
Play until you reach the part where the Scarab is going to blow open the door. Then, fly your Banshee down to the water and get out. Walk into the water and you will be invisible to your opponents. However, you will be able to see them, making this the perfect place to go under the legendary difficulty setting to kill your enemies without them seeing you. You may also take a Ghost or a Spectre down here. If you are skilled enough, you can even take them up very close to the top of the structure.

Fly away in Metropolis
Go to Metropolis level (easier in co-op mode). Go in the middle of the bridge where the Banshees come from. From there, the Banshees should attack you. When this happens get in it (knock them out). Fly the Banshee down to where the Covenant ship is located. Have the other player take out the guns on it. Once the guns are destroyed, jump off the Banshee above the Covenant ship. Stay on it. It should take you to a flat surface that in the distance where there are buildings. You can walk through them.

Extra Warthog in Outskirts
In campaign mode, when you get to the tunnel, get a Marine to drive your Warthog and hop out. There are a couple of Ghosts nearby. Get in one and drive off. If you look back, there will be not one, but two Warthogs, both with Marines on the gunner's seat tailing each other.

Use a Banshee in campaign in Outskirts
First, kill all of the Marines, even the one at the cables that you save. If you do not kill them, they will shoot down the Banshees. After you kill them, hop out of your tank, jump on its turret, and crouch. Wait for the Banshee to swoop in and shoot when it gets close to being overhead. Jump and hold X so you can board the Banshee. You may have do this multiple times until you can board it. Once in the Banshee, fly around and have fun. Do not worry about flying because there is an invisible wall above. You cannot die unless you jump out of your Banshee or go off the bridge.

Invincible Sarge in Outskirts
When you are playing the Outskirts level, Sarge will come along, but he is invincible. You can use him to your advantage. If you are playing under the legendary difficulty setting and your shield is down, stand behind him when he is shooting Covenant. This should give you some time to restore your shield. Also, he has infinite ammunition. If you find a very good gun but are very low on ammunition, give it to Sarge.

Skull in Quarantine Zone
Play Quarantine Zone on the legendary difficulty setting. At the start, turn left immediately. You should see an Elite, and just slightly to the left of him should be a cave. When you reach the exit to the cave, there should be a cliff. Follow the cliff to a wall. Along the wall should be a small walkway. Go on the walkway. At the end of the walkway should be a skull. The world "Sputnik" will appear when it is picked up.

Get on rooftops in Zanzibar
Use a tank, push it up against the far wall by the building, and get it stuck there. Jump on it to the top then get on the roof. Another way is go up in the building and get to where the metal rain gutter panels are found (above the gate that opens). Get two people up there then get on top.

Jump higher
Play in co-op mode in any level (Outskirts recommended). Have one player jump on top of the other. Then, have the player on top jump again and keep pressing Jump. Then, have the lower player jump immediately after the first player. If done correctly, the top player should land on the lower one (who is in mid-air), then jump again. You can use this to get on top on locations you cannot reach normally.

Cancel loading sequence
At any point during the loading sequence, press B to cancel and return to the previous screen.

Separated energy sword
In levels with shallow water you can step in, such as Zanzibar, toss an energy sword into the water. It may become separated from the hilt, and has a much longer range.

Crazy gun
Quickly press B, X repeatedly. This will make your gun hit extremely fast, or just hold in that hitting position. This will not have an affect on hitting someone.

Stand in mid-air
In multi-player mode, stand on someone that is holding perfectly still. Crouch down and shoot him dead. After the person that was remaining still respawns, have him to walk over to where you killed him. He will be able to see you standing in mid-air.

Floating Master Chief
In a multi-player mode, have a friend to help you do the following. Have him look down straight at the ground, then jump on top of him. If you start to slide, move slowly away from the direction that you are sliding until you stop. When neither of you are moving, have him crouch down and walk out slowly from underneath you. You will now be floating in mid-air. You can look around and shoot, but if you move you will fall down. If you do it directly next to a tree, you can be covered in the branches and people cannot find you. They will not be looking for you so high up.

Flying Master Chief
This trick requires two players on different teams and an energy sword. Have the player with the energy sword get a side seat of a vehicle (Warthog or Spectre). Lock on to the enemy with the sword. When it is red, press R. After that, the enemy can either fly away in a Banshee, drive away in a vehicle, or just walk away. However, the player in the Warthog needs to keep their crosshairs on them. After they are far away and still followed with the crosshairs, get out of the vehicle. You will fly directly to them. This is funniest with the Banshee.

Sword still appear while cloaked
When you have a depleted energy sword, turn on your cloak as the Arbiter. Your sword will still look like it is there while cloaked, even though it is not.

Shaky hand
Get in a side seat of a vehicle (Spectre or Warthog) with a plasma pistol. Charge the plasma pistol and get out. The gun will be shaking as if it is still charged.

Grenade appears from Sentinel
Get a Sentinel Beam and overheat it. Quickly throw a grenade and it will appear as though the grenade appeared from the Sentinel.

Infinite ammunition in campaign mode
To do this trick, your weapon must be reloadable and have at least one clip in it. When your weapon has no shots remaining, before you reload, switch to your other weapon. Find an ally that you can switch weapons with, then quickly switch to the weapon that needs to reload and swap with the ally. If done correctly, you will see your ally reload the weapon. Swap your weapon back to see that your clip is now full, and it did not take away any ammunition.

Ghost tricks
In multi-player-mode, turn on all vehicles and go to a place with open space. Get in a Ghost and find a tank. Go towards it as fast as you can. You will flip and do different things, depending on where you hit the tank.

Spectre tricks
When using a Spectre, go at top speed and hold A. You will do a wheelie for about three to four seconds. This is useful when climbing up walls or going over short walls.

Destroying a Ghost
One of the best ways to take down a Ghost is with a sniper rifle. Wait until the Ghost is facing away from you and open fire at the pilot. If the pilot does not die, the Ghost may explode, because it is very vulnerable in the back.

Destroying a Wraith
Besides boarding, there is one other reliable way to take down a Wraith in single or multi-player mode. Get a Ghost and hit the booster until you are right up against the Wraith. Then, circle around to the back of it and open fire. By the time he has fully turned around to get a bead on you, he will probably be dead. If he tries to get out, you can simply pick him off as he is climbing out. Note: This may not work as well in single player mode, as the Wraith has anti-infantry plasma cannons.

Next generation Warthog launch
This trick is reminiscent of the Warthog launch from the original Halo , but uses different methods. First, start a split screen multi-player game with just yourself on a map that has any explosive boxes (Headlong or Waterworks recommended). Then, find any of the explosive boxes and gather them in a pile near one end of the map. You can move them by pushing against them or meleeing them. However, do not melee them more than once or they will explode. After you have gathered enough, park a Warthog over them slowly and fire a rocket at one end of the Warthog. Depending on how many boxes you gathered, the Warthog should go incredibly far. Note: This takes a lot of skill and time, and should only be done if you have nothing else to do.

Sword cancel
To sword cancel, rapidly press B + X. This will let the sword swing wildly and is also a good way to shock opponents.

Sniping location in Ascension
There is a great sniper location in the Ascension multi-player level. Get the sniper rifle and an SMG or a rocket launcher and grab the Banshee. Fly to the space between the two slanted forklift-type things immediately above where you would start if you were player one. Land, and get out. The Banshee will probably fall. Run up the slanted area and you can see the entire field. Because you cannot die from high places, you can drop down for a reload then fly back up.

Fly very high in Ascension
Play the Ascension map in multi-player mode. Take a rocket launcher and before you go on the thing that shoots real high in the air, shoot downwards. You will fly up twice as high, but will be dead.

Fall through level in Beaver Creek
Play the Beaver Creek map in multi-player mode. Go up to the sniper rifle and walk across the edge so that you are behind the rocks. Turn to your right and look at the tree in front of the sniper rifle area. Jump and land directly in front on the tree. You will sometimes fall through the level and the game will say that you were killed by the guardians.

Get on top of level in Cairo Station
When you get to the air lock part where the screen enters a cinematic view and the phrase "Authorized personnel only" appears at the bottom of the screen. Elites with jetpacks will come to attack you. Run past the flying Elites. Run out into space where in front of you is a pillar that slants upward. Walk all the way up to this pillar and jump on it. You should now be on the pillar's slanting portion. Walk up the pillar and you should be on top of the ship. Turn right and go straight until you pass two hallways to the right of you. You should now still be on the silver-brown part of the ship. At the very end of it you will see your path slant to the right slightly. You now can see that the only place to go is on the blue part of the ship. Jump from the silver-brown part of the ship to the blue part. Look to your right and you should see a upward path. Climb it. If desired, you can go sightseeing to your left "towards earth"; there is nothing but the cannons of the ship. Once up on the elevated part of the blue ship, you will see a gap between the blue ship and the silver-brown ship. Jump on the silver-brown part of the ship. Once on there, run towards your right. Do not go down the orange glass plated window that slants down; this will leave you at a dead end. If choose to go that route, there are pillars here that will allow you back up, like on the first step of getting up on the ship. You will come across orange windows. You will fall through some of them, but not enough to not be able to get back up (simply a few feet). You can look down into the ship from the top plated part of the glass. Jump out of these if you come across many of these non-solid pit holes. Some orange plated windows laying on the ground that have force fields. Hold Forward and jump to clear them. This can go on for a very long time.

Marine in machine in Cairo Station
Go to where the bomb is. Go out of the elevator and turn directly to your left and move down the hallway. Turn right and you should see no enemies, but a Marine. You will need to do this quickly. Push him up the stairs, but do not attract the guards. This will make him move. Then, push him into the ammo feeder and watch him get pushed into the wall. He will disappear. Note: If you do this, you will die and fall through the level or land on other platforms you previously visited, like the Pelican in the hangar.

Sniping location in Coagulation
Near the Blue base there is a sniping location at Mt. Erectus. You can get up there with a Banshee, Ghost or a Specter.

Flying tank in Delta Halo
Drive the tank around until you get to the part with all the stationary Covenant shields. Blow the shields up then quickly park the tank on several of them. Get out of the tank and then watch as the shields reform. The tank will fly, doing spins. This is even more enjoyable when you are in the tank. You will die when in the tank and it flies very far. You can also try this with other vehicles.

Sniping location in Headlong
This location requires a Banshee to reach, but you will be next to untouchable once you are there. After getting a Banshee go to the right. Just after you have passed the cranes, carefully land your Banshee on or near the walkway that has the Human sniper rifle on it. From there, get back in your Banshee and go straight up to maximum altitude. If done correctly, you should be just above the top of a building that is slightly smaller than the two other buildings adjacent to it. Land your Banshee on it, but do not destroy it. Take out your sniper rifle and start shooting. From here, the only reliable way someone can kill you is with another sniper rifle, and they cannot physically reach you because you have the Banshee.

High platforms in Headlong
In multi-player mode, go to the Headlong map and make sure there is a Banshee. Get in the Banshee and fly over towards the opposite base. Between the Warthogs and the water, you will see a building with a ramp leading up to a flat surface. Fly the Banshee at a high level towards where the ramp meets the wall either on the left or right side. Then while not in turbo, gently glide towards it so that the wing will just barely scrape the wall. You will slide up to this flat surface and be able to walk around, although your Banshee flying is limited. You can walk behind the buildings and be able to see through walls. On the surface to the left, you can jump up to the next platform by using the Banshee as a boost. Put it against the wall and jump up off it. This allows you to get a good sniper location. This can also be used in System Link or Xbox Live.

Iron mode in High Charity
Play the mission on the legendary difficulty setting. After you cross the light bridges and fight through to the end of the level, you reach a room where Cortana says "Brood and Elite ships are engaging all around. The next lift will take you up to the conduit. Hurry". Go to the room, enter the lift, and look up while going up. Hold X so that you can grab the skull on the way up. The word "Iron" will appear when you get it.

Destroying the Scrab in Metropolis
First, follow the Marines out to the bridge (or walkway). Next, switch your battle rifle with the rocket launcher. It should be a few steps north of the sniper. Then, go next to the second rocket launcher. It will be a few steps ahead. You should see ammunition next to it. Instead of following the Marines, make a turn into the walkway in which there is only one way in and out. The Scarab should shortly arrive, but it will not see you. They will probably fire at the Marines. When they get far enough, there will be a huge entrance to fire a rocket at. If you followed the Marines, it will be harder to shoot the aliens on deck. Rapidly shoot rockets at the side entrance of the Scarab. When all forces on deck are defeated, join up with the Marines and jump onto the Scarab. No one will attack you if you try to hide on deck from the Elites.

Pelican cruise through city in Metropolis
Near the end where you reach the Marine HQ and the Scarab almost crushes you, you will board the Pelican Dropship. After destroying all Covenant forces in the area two Pelican dropships will approach. One is carrying a Scorpion tank, and the other is carrying a squad of Marines. The dropship carrying the Marines will not touch down, but will hover about twenty feet from the top of the second ramp. Before the ship arrives, drive a Warthog up to the area where the Marines fall out. As the Marines jump, stand on the Warthog and look up to the end of the ramp of the Pelican. As you are suspended, press X repeatedly or hold that button. You will sit in a Pelican seat, and the marines will jump back in with you. The Pelican will lift off and fly through the city and out towards the harbor. It will then fly in awkward patterns and start crashing into things, shaking the camera violently. You and the Marines fall out and onto somewhere on the edge of the map. You land somewhere different every time. Most often, you will land on top of a ledge or in midair above the water. The pelican Will be located a few yards from you, spinning and twirling in the air. Approach the Pelican and the message "Press X to flip Banshee" will appear.

Famine mode in Oracle
After you go down the swirling elevator and enter the room with the big glass windows, destroy all the enemies. Then, grenade jump to the opposite side of the second floor. There will be four Flood soldiers shaking on the ground with a skull between them. Get the skull and the word "Famine" will appear.

Get to top of level in Outskirts
When you wake up, exit that door but do not kill the Grunt. Instead hop up onto the flickering light by the elevator then look to your left. There will be a wall that you can jump up onto. Jump and crouch to get up there. You can now walk around and get on top of buildings by using grenades to boost you up.

Sputnik mode in Quarantine Zone
Play Quarantine Zone on the legendary difficulty setting. At the start, turn left immediately. You should see an Elite, and just slightly to the left of him should be a cave. When you reach the exit to the cave, there should be a cliff. Follow the cliff to a wall. Along the wall should be a small walkway. Go on the walkway. At the end of the walkway should be a skull. The world "Sputnik" will appear when it is picked up. Explosion and melee forces are greater in this mode.

Board Regret's vessel in Regret
When you can kill the Prophet of Regret, run to him. You will be able to board his floating "chair".

Dead Brutes blink in Sacred Icon
When you see the dead Brutes, shoot them and look at their eyes quickly; they will blink. Note: This may take a few attempts, as they will not blink all the time.

Hidden DVD message
Insert the Halo 2 Bonus DVD from the Collectors Edition. Remain idle at the main menu. The Marine will begin to threaten you very comically for not hitting play. He will go through three different routines before it repeats.

Look at Brutes closer
In the last level in campaign mode, when the Scarab stops moving or is back at where you started (the cliff with the Wraith; sometimes taken by the Elite), go down it and keep moving forward until you see Wraiths. Kill them in anyway desired. Wait there and a Banshee will appear. Shoot it once with a non-lethal weapon. It will approach you. Get it close enough to board the banshee and kick the Brute out. Note: This may require several attempts. Next, go to where you kicked him out (where it fell). You can now look at it more closely. He will not attack, because the brute AI is not meant to work there. Note: Sometimes there is an Elite down there that will try to kill him. Kill that Elite to continue looking at the Brute.

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