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Counter-Strike Xbox Review

Valve, LLC
November 15, 2003
Xbox Live:

Saturday, January 03, 2004 

Counter-Strike is not just an ordinary game. It is one of the most played pc games and is continuing its fame on the Xbox console. Counter-Strike was original created by a few college students as a modification to Valve's Half-Life. Half-Life Counter-Strike was released in 1999 as a downloadable modification to Half-Life and then later in 2000 it was released by Sierra as a retail PC game. Every since then this game has spent millions of hours being played by thousands and thousands of Counter-strike fans around the world. Now on November 15, 2003 it was released to the most powerful console gaming system, Xbox.

The Xbox version of Counter-Strike and the PC version of Counter-Strike are two totally different games yet they both have most of the same weapons, levels, players, and feel. After being an active Counter-Strike player for about a year I felt quite strange to play the same game on a different type of system. Using the mouse and keyboard is almost the exact opposite of using a joystick and a controller. I never really realized how different these two type of controllers could be when playing the same game. The movement, navigation, and aiming are defiantly more difficult using the Xbox controller. With a mouse you have the freedom to move the mouse anywhere you would like at any rate you would like. However with a joystick this is not easy as it has to stay in the same place, and that would be inside of the controller. I have found myself many times, when playing Counter-Strike on the Xbox, actually moving my entire player to line up a shot rather than just moving my cross hair. There are settings in the game that allow you to change the sensitivity of the joystick but still with these options it can not compete with the mouse.

Walking through entirely redesigned levels was absolutely a new experience. The graphics are nice in this game, they totally blow away the pc version, but not as great as I had anticipated. When compared to older first person shooter games, yeah the graphics are defiantly great, but when you compare them to the type of graphics that we are starting to see on the Xbox now (For example, Splinter Cell, or Project Gotham Racing 2) this is just not one of those mouth dropping games that I expected it to be. However there are quite a few cool things that I noticed while walking around in some of the new and redesign environments. The weapon models are more detailed as well as the player models. The player models are specific to the map, which is pretty cool because in the pc version you could only pick and choose from about four or five now each level change you have a whole new selection.

--Game Play--
Counter-strike became so famous through its addicting game play. It requires skill and logic to beat the opponents to the bomb site or to rescue the hostages without being spotted. When I found out that this game was going to have a single player mode I thought of something like a story mode, where it actually tells you why you are trying to blow up a specified bomb site or why you are trying to rescue the hostages, but when I played this game for the first time I was let down to see that it was just multiplayer with bots put in as your opponents. On the other hand I had a hard time believing that they were actually bots because of how realistic there game play was compared to bots in the pc version. In Counter-strike for the computer the bots always seemed to know exactly where you were or exactly which bomb site you planted the bomb, which got quite annoying when they showed up about five seconds after you planted it. Also sometimes they could get stuck and not know what to do, or go crazy and get about five headshots in a row. However, on the Xbox version this was greatly improved. The bots only know about as much as a normal human would know about the map and where the enemies are located and not once have I seen them jumping in a corner tring to figure out why they are not moving. Whether you are mowing downing your enemies with an auto shotgun or going all out with the machine gun Counter-strike is an exciting game.

--Weapons and Descriptions--

Melee Weapons:

- Knife - Pretty much your last resort when you are face to face with an enemy and have wasted clips in both your primary and secondary gun, or if you spot someone camping and just want to humiliate them. You are automatically equipped with this weapon and you can not throw it away.

Pistols (Secondary Weapons):

- USP (Universal Self-Loading Pistol) - This is the default counter terrorist pistol and it holds 12 bullets per clip
- Glock - This is the default terrorist pistol and holds 20 bullets per clip. It is not as effective as the usp but the extra few bullets could mean the difference between life and death.
- Desert Eagle - This pistol holds only 7 bullets per clip but packs are hard punch.
- Sig P228 - This pistol holds 13 bullets per round and has a fast rate of fire and reloading time.
- Dual 96G Elite Berettas (Terrorist Only) - The only weapon that allows you to carry two of at the same time. Each pistol holds 15 bullets per clip which is a total of 30 bullets before these babies have to take time to reload. When these things reloads it takes up a lot of time and there is a big possibility of encountering an enemy before you are finished.
- Fiveseven (Counter-Terrorist Only) - This pistol holds 20 bullets per round but has a big recoil.

Primary Weapons:
- M3 Super 90 Entry (Pump Shotgun)
- Probably one of the most powerful weapons in the game, useless at long range shots but can blow your enemies heads off at close combat.
- XM1014 (Auto Shotgun) - Not nearly as powerful as the pump shotgun but this shotgun can shoot shells off one right after the other. Great for rushing the enemies.

Sub-Machine Guns:
- MP5 Navy -
This weapon holds 30 bullets per clip and has a fast rate of fire and fast reloading time, great if you are low on money and can not afford an assult rifle.
- TMP (Counter Terrorists only) - This weapon holds 30 bullets per round and is probably the fastest gun the in game. Despite its incredibly fast rate of fire it is not nearly as powerful to the other sub machine guns.
- P90 - This weapon holds 50 bullets per round but is not very powerful.

- MAC-10 (Terrorists only) -
This weapon holds 30 bullets per round. Similar the the counter terrorists TMP but this weapon is a bit more powerful and a bit less accurate.
- UMP -
This weapon holds 30 bullets per round. This weapon is similar to the mp5 navy but has slower reloading times.

Galil (Terrorist Only) - This rifile holds 35 bullets per round and is great if you are low on money. Very similar to the terrorists ak 47.
- FAMAS (Counter-Terrorist Only) - This rifile holds 25 bulets per round and is great if you are low on money. Very similar to the counter terrorists m4.
- AK-47 (Terrorist Only)
This weapon holds 30 bullets per round. This is probably the most used terrorist weapon, it is very powerful but can get very unaccurate if not fired in short bursts.
- M4A1 (Counter-Terrorist Only) - This weapon holds 30 bullets per round and is probably the most popular weapon in the game. It is very powerful and is deadly accurate.
- SG-552 (Terrorists Only) - This weapon has 30 bullets per round and has a 2x zooming feature.
- Steyr AUG A1 (Counter-Terrorists Only) - This weapon holds 30 bullets per round and has a 2x zooming feature. It is very similar to the terrorists SG-552

Sniper Rifiles:
- Scout - This weapon has 10 bullets per round and has a 3x zooming feature. A fast reloading sniper rifle that normal only takes two shots to take down an enemy.
- AWP or AWM - This weapon has 10 bullets per round and has a 3x zooming feature. This sniper rifles is mean and loud. Almost always a one shot kill.
- G3/SG-1 (Terrorist Only) - This weapon has 20 bullets per round and has a 3x zooming feature. This is an auto sniper rifle so you can shoot one shot right after the other.
- SG-550 (Counter-Terrorist Only) - This weapon holds 30 bullets per round and has a 3x zooming feature. Similar to the terrorists G3/SG-1.

Machine Guns:
- M249 PARA - This monster holds 100 bullets per round and is great for mowing down multiple enemies.

Overall Score

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