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Tron 2.0: Killer App Review for Xbox
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Tron 2.0: Killer App Review for Xbox

Tron 2.0: Killer App
Buena Vista Interactive
Climax Group
November 3, 2004
Xbox Live:

Tron 2.0: Killer App Screenshot Gallery

Tron 2.0: Killer App Screenshot Gallery

Tron 2.0: Killer App Screenshot Gallery
Tron 2.0: Killer App 
Monday, November 22, 2004 

Tron 2.0 was initially released on the computer in 2003 and was an unofficial sequel to the 1982 Disney film - Tron. The game suffers from a mighty bag of flaws, which keep the title from reaching anywhere close to the renowned glory of the original film. It is still a fun little title, even if it is a little bland, but the problems that do exist unfortunately drag it down into the realm of the overnight rental or even a $9.99 bargain bin pick in about a year.

The new game on Xbox puts the gamer into the role of Jet Bradley, a man who is digitized and put into a computer system to search for his father as well as defeat a viral corruption in the computer. Just like as in the original movie, the computer world you play in is crafted with lines and glows in the primary colors. The game is played in a traditional FPS style… that any FPS gamer can easily pick up and fairly understand. An interesting feature – which definitely helps the game stand apart from the rest of the bunch, is the few RPG elements Buena Vista included in the package. Your character levels up and you can then assign more points to health and energy (thus the RPG element I talked about). There are areas in the game that allow you to cruise around via your light cycle. You guide your light cycle around arenas – engaging in combat as well. You can however only turn at 90 degree angles… which was a big pain (try it and you’ll see why). Your light cycle leaves an awesome looking glowing trail as you move, and the point of the game is to either force your opponent to run into the walls of the arena or the light trail you cast. It is simple, though, and as far as reply goes in this mode – there’s very little to look for.

There are a more then just a few problems that plague Tron 2.0, however, they are overall detrimental to the Tron 2.0 “experience”. A huge issue with the title - is that the developers didn’t seem learn anything from Turok on the N64 (another title by the same people) and have filled the levels with jumping puzzles (yeah… don’t act like you don’t remember them). And it’s not just the jumping puzzles that plague it… but it’s the jumping puzzles over bottomless pits that do the deed. Nothing sucks more than having to restart an entire level just because you short-shot one minor jump. Something that turned me off of to the game in a hurry. Jumping levels flat out suck. Simple as that. Tron 2.0 also carries loads of loading problems. You think Leisure Suit Larry had some loading issues... try Tron. It's not really that it loads all the time - it's that the loading takes forever. I found myself hitting the restroom & ordering a pizza by the time it was ready to go again. So if you hate waiting for action in a game - don't even give this one a second look. Seriously.

If you're expecting Halo-like features in this one, expect something different. However, Tron 2.0 does have its strong multiplayer modes, as well as a solid Xbox Live outing, which can keep you busy for an additional couple of hours or so. Nothing jaw-droppingly great in this department, so I'll be moving on.

Graphically this game is pretty hot. It definitely looks better in motion than it does in any screenshot collection. Honestly the graphics in the game look much sweeter than its blockbuster 1982 flick, however - that's not saying a whole lot. As mentioned in the gameplay section - the game is boxy, full of cool looking red, yellow & blue lines... and really that's about it. The game sports a very neat futuristic/retro look which looks mighty fly running at 60fps, and even more on a high resolution setup... it's something to just look at if anything. To sum it up - the graphics are easily the strong point in the game. It’s unique & flashy. I them... to an extent.

The sound effects used in Tron are very appropriate & fit the Tron-circa very nicely. A few of the original Tron movie voice talents lend their own personal audio style which brings some memories back to the table for any fan of the movie, I'm sure. However, the game's audio has to be one of the weakest points in the game minus the overall replay value. You won't find any custom soundtracks nor any hot futuristic sounds here. I think some better sound options would have set this overall game presentation off... maybe even earning it higher then a 6... if it were lucky.

Overall this game is, like mentioned above, a bargain-bin special only. If you are someone who loves FPS games, and simply must own all of them - do yourself a favor and save the $40 for something else. Halo 2 perhaps? I recommend this game only for the hardcore Tron fan. Everyone else please stay away. You'll thank me later.

Overall Score

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