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Top Gear RPM Tuning
Kemco Games
Babylon Software
April 2005
Xbox Live:
Rating Pending

Top Gear RPM Tuning 
Thursday, March 03, 2005 

Today street racing games are becoming more and more popular over time. People enjoy spending time creating and fixing up their own personal car, and making it theirs. In addition to that the high speed street racing is exciting because you are never sure what is around the next corner, or what you might run into next. Because of this many people enjoy playing games such as Need for Speed Underground, or Street Racing Syndicate. Top Gear RPM Tuning is a new game that focusing big on the customizing and the high speed racing action at an affordable price. For just a twenty you can be playing this street racing game in no time, but can it really compete with the greatest of racing games available?


Like any other racing game, RPM Tuning has a story mode, where you race for cash and spend all your cash on new parts, or new cars. When you first start the game you are forced to purchase a mediocre car due to your budget. It will be hard to compete in the races due to your car, but soon after you win a few races you will be able to purchase new parts and continue through the game.

A large part of the story mode consists of cut scenes that explain the plot of the game story. The cut scenes are great and due their role in the game, but to most they may seem a bit corny. The characteristics of the characters in the story are very cliché to the average street racer. The language used, although not profane, is very similar to language you would hear if you went to a street race but sounds a bit corny when used in the cut scenes.

After stating the story mode and the cash starts to pile up, you will be able to buy some new rides. In RPM Tuning there are a number of different vehicle classes. The vehicle classes consist of import, coupe, sedan, truck, muscle and more. Although every car in the game is not licensed each car closely resembles a real life car and has a very similar name. Whether you like racing cars like the Honda Civic, or something like a Ford F150, there will be a car available that you will enjoy the looks, and performance of.

Once you find and purchase the right car, there are mainly two different ways you can modify your new car. You can either modify its exterior or its mechanics. Changing the exterior of your car is a lot more fun because you get to completely change the look of your car. There are a huge amount of options in modify your car's exterior. Once you start changing the look of your car you can change its body, wheels, add accessories, stickers, and paint your car. By selecting body you can choose different parts of your car are dramatically change how they look. By changing your wheels you can either change the look of your rims, or the type of tires you are using. Adding accessories changes the look of objects such as your head and tail lights. Although it may sound corny, you are able to add stickers to your car, but they can give your car a very unique look that none of the other racers will have. You can choose from three different locations, the doors, windows, or roof to place the stickers and they cover a good amount of the location. Lastly, you can change the color of your entire car, or sections of your car. Luckily, like the stickers, changing this part of your car won't cost you a dime!

After getting the look of your car just right, you can also change the mechanics of your car. Once you choose to change something here, something amazing happens. Everything but your cars working parts and chassis are removed so you can actually see what you are changing. Inside of this menu you can either change engine parts or chassis parts. The engine parts consist of average engine parts such as injection, intake, ignition, exhaust, turbo, and cooling. After choosing a part to upgrade that part on the engine will begin to flash so you know what it is. It will also give you a description of the part and a graph comparing your car's power now compared to after you replace the part. Changing elements on your chassis works the exact same way. You will be able to change things such as the chassis's suspension, brakes, transmission, and its weight. There are actually over two million total options to modify and upgrade your car, you could spend hours alone souping up your car for race day!

Another great part of the game is the physics engine, and how different cars react to different events. When you are racing your car it acts very similar to how it would in real life, and makes the game that much better. For example, if you ride up onto the curb, you will notice one side of your car elevate and makes the game feel real. In addition, if you speed around the curb, and your tires happen to catch on them, it could end up spinning your car around backwards, which could easily happen in a real car on a real road, especially when traveling 97 mph.

The physics also gives you a great sensation of speed. The environment zooms by you quickly giving you the feel that you are actually moving as fast as you are. Also, as you continue to increase your speed, the environment will continue to zoom by faster and gives you an excellent feel of speed. In many racing games out there this is not possible because it will cause the game to lag due the amount of information that needs to be processed. However due to the low detail of objects in the environment it is easy for the element of speed to be created in RPM Tuning.


The twenty dollar price tag is most evident in the graphics department of the game. Meaning that the graphics are great, but below par when compared to the top racing games out there today. The details of the cars in the game are quite nice and reflect the environment nicely. However, the overall quality of the textures in the environment is not that great.


Similar to the graphics, the audio is really nothing special that sets this game apart from others. There are few good sound effects but enough to still enjoy the game. The same applies to the soundtrack, although there is nothing great and fabulous, it is enough to keep you entertained enough to enjoy the gameplay.


Overall, Top Gear RPM Tuning is a great game but when you get down to it, it is just a really decent $20 game. If you need a new game, and don't have the money, this is an excellent game and will give you plenty of "bang for your buck". The overall gameplay is great of the price, and so are the customizations available to you. Although some aspects such as the graphics, and sound lack, the game is still worth the overall price. But, if you are looking for the best out there, you are going to have to fork over the cash for the greater racing games out there. Top Gear RPM tuning is a great game to pick up if you need a new game but can't wait for the next best thing to come out a month or two down the road. Cheap, so you can save up for the next game, and good enough to keep you playing until that great game becomes available.

Overall Score

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