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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 Xbox Review

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3
October 28, 2003
Xbox Live:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 
Sunday, April 11, 2004 

The year is 2007. You a part of an elite counter-terrorist squad. You and your team are a multinational squad of special operatives dedicated to prevent a unknown group of terrorist from completing their mission. You are equipped with top of the line weapons in order to complete your missions as swiftly and effectively as possible. If you fail to complete your mission you, your team, and many other innocent people will die by the hands of the  group of terrorists.


Upon starting the game your name is Ding Chavez and you have to command your team through each mission to successfully complete the mission assigned. Each level is farley difficult even on the easiest setting. You have to fight your way through each mission in order to rescue the hostages, diffuse a bomb, or a similar task.

In many other first person shooter video games the different levels can be easy to complete just by simply rushing past all of the enemies and get straight to what you came there to do. If you where to try this in Rainbow Six 3, you and your team would be dead after going through two rooms.

For some the constant change of the environment in which you are playing is enough to keep them playing for hours. However for most people doing the same thing over and over again could become boring. Shoot the bad guys rescue the hostage, shoot the bad guys defuse the bomb. Aside from this, the gameplay is amazingly exciting and will keep you playing for quite a while before you can get board and set down the controller.


This is one of the few games where you can continue the fun online. With Xbox Live you can compete with other people around the world. Instead of just playing against computers that are programmed to do the exact same thing every time, you can play against other humans that can sometimes do some unpredictable or crazy things. Online gaming is always a major plus to a game and could be the difference between a good game and a great one.


One of the first thing that everybody notices when the start playing a game is how realistic the graphics are. In this game I can't see how anybody could be disappointed with them. The environments are extremely detailed and different parts of the environment will react a different ways. For example, if you explode a door you will actually see the door burst open and wood chips will go flying all over the place and even stick into the wall. Or if you shoot a vase, glass, mirror, or computer screen it will make a shattering sound and collapse.

Besides the environment, the gun models are very detailed in this game. There are also a large number of different weapon models you can choose from. Just about ever mission you are given a new primary weapon to use.

The player models used in the game are not that great. Although there are many different player models the are not the best. However they are not that noticeable unless if you go insane and feel that you have to shoot someone at point blank range.

Throughout the game there are a lot of different special effects that make the game enjoyable. One of the first that I noticed was when you go full auto with your gun smoke will come up out of your gun. This is also the same if you are looking at somebody shooting at you. Another great special effect that I found nice had to do with player/environment interaction. In some missions there are chains hanging from the ceiling and if you pass through them they will move or if there is a cloth dangling from the ceiling it to will act just as a cloth and sway when you walk by or run into it.


Once you get a feel for the game you will be dropping terrorists to the ground left, right, and each time you turn around. The Xbox controller is not the best thing when it comes to first person shooters. However in Rainbow Six 3 it is farley easy to aim up your shots quickly, opposed to other first person shooter games on the Xbox that will have you spinning in circles before you can get your crosshairs where you want them to go. Here is a list of the controls that are used in the game:

  • Left trigger – weapon switch
  • Right trigger – fire weapon
  • A button – action / command window
  • B button – thermal vision
  • X button – reload / weapon selection window
  • Y button – night vision
  • Left analog stick – move
  • Right analog stick – look
  • D-pad – peek and door opening functions
  • White button – Zulu command
  • Black button – regroup/hold commands
  • Back button – map
  •  Advanced Controls:

    Aside from the normal shoot, duck, and switch weapon controls there are also a lot of commands that you can give to your team that will prove useful early and through the rest of the game. For example, by looking into the next room and pressing the A, your team will move into the next room and take down any terrorists that are located in that room or that they can see. Another example is you can tell your team how to open a door. You can tell them to open and through a flash bang, open and through a frag grenade, breach, or just plain open the door. These commands are extremely useful in hostage missions. For instance, if you think there is a hostage in the next room you can open the door and flash it so the hostage does not get hurt but you have blinded the terrorists.


    Overall this game is simply amazing. It is probably one of the greatest first person shooters for Xbox and possible one of the most enjoyable games out today. The graphics are extremely detailed and with great environments and special effects. The gamplay is very thrilling because it is hard to predict what could happen to you and your team next and with great controls you can easily move your team in or away from the action and the game will be played how you want it to be.

    Overall Score

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