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TransWorld Surf Review

TransWorld Surf
Angel Studios
November 2001
Xbox Live:

TransWorld Surf 
Friday, May 14, 2004 

The blazing sun is beating down on the sandy beach as you grab your surf board and jump into the cool ocean waves. You are a professional extreme surfer and you cant wait to ride the waves and get some major air. Transworld Surf is a very unique game. It one of only a few surfing games available on the Xbox. Although this is practically the only surfing game on the system it is still very similar to other extreme sports games such as skateboarding or snowboarding.

Many people enjoy extreme sports because they are tired of the original sports and need something a little more crazy and something to excite them. This game is a great example of this. As you progress in the game you could find yourself at the top of a 50 foot wave, or about to enter the jaws of a vicious shark, either way it is exciting.

Most other extreme sports games such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, or Amped, are based on you the player becoming a professional at whatever sport you are playing, and this game is no different. You can choose from a few different characters and boards to surf with. Your goal is to perform certain task on different beaches until you are a pro surfer.

On each beach you have 4 goals, or tasks, to complete in 3 minutes. Normally on each beach there is a set amount of points you must earn by doing tricks on a wave or hanging back in the tube of the wave. The other 3 goals are level specific, such as free 4 dolphins, or pull an air over 5 boats.

While you are on a wave you can do a few different tricks to gain points. One of my favorites is getting air time and doing a few spins on the wave. It is probably one of the hardest tricks to perform on the wave. You have to go up to the top of the wave jump off and then you are air borne above the wave. Then you can do a few fancy moves in the air and then land straight back down on the wave without wiping out, or you could play it safe and hang back in the tube and just rack up the points.

If at any time you wipeout while trying to perform a trick you will be thrown off of the wave and you won't be able to return to it. The is no need to worry about this though, all that you need to do is press Y to call for the reef girl and she will come speeding in with her jet ski and take you to any wave you wish.

In most games, whether surfing or not, if there is realistic looking water in it, it will fascinate gamers. Most pervious surf games on any console has suffered from having bad graphics on the water and on the waves which basically makes the game crappy. However in this game I was quite surprised how realistic the water looked when I first turned on the game and started playing it. The graphics of this game are best displayed when you are surfing in the tube of a wave. It is magnificent to see the water circling around you and water drops will even show up on the camera.

Other than the really nice looking water in this game the player models are quite nice to look at but nothing marvelous. While playing the game you will see a few pretty nice looking things such as cities or even bridges that look very detailed and makes the game feel a lot more realistic.

Overall TransWorld Surf is one of the best extreme sports games when it was released. Even if you are not a surfer or very rarely go the beach this game can still be quite fun. The gameplay is a little hard to get used to and could take you a few hours to get the hang of all of the different tricks and combos you can do on a wave. Once you have mastered the tricks and the trades of the game you will find it to be pretty fun. As you progress in the game the waves you surf on will increasingly get bigger each beach you go to. If you are new to the whole extreme sports games or not to sure about surfing games you should give this game a rent, it will be worth it.

Overall Score

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